Zack Kerr is 22 years old and has Cerebral Palsy which affects all four of his limbs and his speech. He uses a touch screen speech machine to communicate and he uses an electric wheelchair.

Zack started a petition back in the summer to get accessible changing room facilities installed in all UK motorway service stations. 

Many disabled children and adults require suitable spaces and the assistance of a carer when needing toilet and changing facilities during a journey.

Zack Kerr
Zack Kerr

There are very few appropriate facilities on UK motorway routes. Zack is unable to use a regular toilet so needs to be hoisted on to a bed.

So what’s needed?

A Changing Places room needs to be large enough and have a height adjustable bed and a hoist.

Even in 2017 with new motorway services being built or refurbished they are still not having a Changing Places room added.

We hope that Zack’s petition, which now has 100000 signatures, will focus the attention of companies running motorway services and get things changed.

It really isn’t much to ask, is it, that we provide everyone with the facilities they need to fulfil this most basic of functions?

Please help Zack and his growing army of supporters to get Changing Places rooms in every motorway service station in the UK – sign the petition here.

Thank you…