Ian Carter – Managing Director

I’ve been working with the Good Access Guide since the idea was originally discussed back in 2001.

I arrived as a web designer, tasked with creating the Good Access Guide.

The team were already good friends of mine and that’s how I got involved.

And I have a vested interest too.

Karen and Ian Carter
Karen and Ian Carter

My wife, Karen, sustained a high neck injury back in 1988 resulting in tetraplegia. This hasn’t stopped Karen leading a full life centred around the theatre – she’s an active director with The Lowestoft Players and is key to running their own box office.

We’ve tried not to let Karen’s spinal injury govern what we do but it does, of course, have an impact.

Work that I do has centred around still needing to support Karen, although she has a great team of PA’s to help her.

My career as a telecoms engineer with BT came to an end and, after odds and ends of part time jobs, I sort of fell into web design.

And, in time, I was lucky enough to become a shareholder in the business and take on the running of the business as a director with Wendy.

Just after getting involved with Good Access Guide I became a retained firefighter (on call firefighter) with Suffolk Fire & Rescue Service. I still can’t believe that I’m allowed to drive fire engines on blue lights (boys and their toys!) and that it’s a job I thoroughly enjoy…

That’s enough about me… Just follow this link to learn more about my fellow director, Wendy Takman.

If there’s anything you’d like to ask me about the Good Access Guide, our training – or anything else – drop me a line to ian@equo.co.uk or call me on 01502 806706.

Learn more about my fellow director, Wendy Takman.