E-learning Disability Awareness Training is a hit

Even regular users of the Good Access Guide may not know about the other part of our business.

So now’s the time for a shameless plug!

Equo (pronounced Eck-wo), is the company behind the Good Access Guide, and we also develop and sell e-learning training packages, most notably Disability Awareness Training.

The training is used by companies and local authorities right across the UK as they strive to ensure their staff get it right when dealing with their disabled customers.

And it works!

Long time clients of Equo, Crawley Borough Council, use the training for their taxi and private hire drivers. Here’s what their Licensing Officer, Bill Nailen, had to say about the e-learning Disability Awareness Training:

“Crawley Borough Council has in the past received a few complaints regarding taxi drivers refusing to carry disabled passengers, charging more for wheelchairs etc. so Crawley decided to introduce online Disability Awareness Training and Equo were chosen as they have the most knowledge of disability awareness which was vital in supplying our applicants with the appropriate training.

Since this training was introduced in April 2014 we have had no complaints regarding the drivers who have completed the training.

Equo are very supportive, friendly and knowledgeable in helping to set up the online training and it has been an extremely easy process from beginning to end.”

And we’ve recently introduced two more high-quality e-learning packages.

Equality & Diversity Training has been developed to give a good understanding of what can, at times, be a quite complex and perplexing area to deal with.

Child Friendly Training was conceived by Devon based Child Friendly Matters Ltd and aims to give customer facing staff the confidence to deal with families with children.

Creating a positive experience for children and their parents requires that your staff have a comprehensive understanding of Child Friendly matters.

So there you have it. The ‘other’ side to the Good Access Guide…

If we can help you with any training requirements, please call us on 01502 806906.